What is eNFC?

eNFC (electric NFC) is the conspicuously new type of communication technology utilizing the existing NFC infrastructure.

eNFC (Electric Near Field Communication)
  • Converting the magnetic field to electric field, data and electricity are transmitted through the body.
  • Significantly improved the transmission efficiency, we realized the propagation loss to the same level as approaching the contactless IC card.
  • Succeeded in battery-less passive human body communication for the first time in the world.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standard for communication by bringing devices in close proximity. The feature is the short range of connectivity less than several centimeters. Widely used for electric money, contactless IC card at the entrance, smartphone, etc.

In contrast, eNFC is the technology for communication by touching objects. Once you wear a designated wristband or rings, as if your body functions like smart card, you can authenticate with a single hand touch. Not “object to object” but “user to object” or “user to user” – smart, pleasant and human-focused communication is subject to realize.

While existing NFC do the communication with the magnetic field coupling of coil to coil proximity, eNFC with the electric field coupling of electrode to electrode proximity. Although the electric field signal is attenuated as soon as coming out to the air, it transfers further when it penetrates conductor and dielectrics (human body, etc.). This feature realizes the intuitive communication mechanism of transmitting data between eNFS and readers only when a single hand touch given.

The sole difference with the conventional NFC is antenna. Frequency used (HF band: 13.56MHz) and communication protocol are same as international standards. It means that you can use card IC and reader/writer module which are already in the market for NFC. In terms of mechanism for encryption and other security purposes, the proven NFC technology in the electronic money, etc. will be available as it is.

Connecting a hybrid antenna of magnetic field and electric field, you can access to both of the contactless IC card and the authentication device through the human body only with a single reader. After the new technology introduced, you can choose the communication technology preferable to use.

By converting the magnetic field and the electric field with a dedicated adapter, you can easily substitute the device communicating via human body for an existing NFC device later. Indeed, more than 4 billion of NFC-enabled devices that have been already shipped over the world will be the potential counterpart in the communication, which is expected to make eNFC market spurred.


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