Use Case at Office

eNFC Technology for Business


Human authentication and entrance unlocking by touching the door knob

By touching the door knob, you confirm the ID with through-the-hand communication and the door opens. Users do not have to be conscious of the operation because they perform authentication by the natural action of holding the knob without inserting the key or handling the conventional ID card.


PC log in just by touching the keyboard

As your finger becomes an antenna, you can log in automatically by touching the keyboard. There is no need for complicated procedures such as entering a password or holding a card.


Displaying the contents suitable for individual users

For example, at a lunch break, by touching the vending machine or the touch panel ticket machine, you authenticate yourself with your fingers. It can also be used for displaying an individualized health care menu, where the content corresponds to a certain person.


Use Case at hospital

eNFC Technology for Medical Applications


Safe management of drips and medications

By automatic three-point identification of patients, nurses and medications, we improve work efficiency and reduce human error.


Log management of entry/exit in the buildings is possible

The management function can be used to confirm the location of a patient in a hospital unit and to allow visiting family members to enter and go out smoothly.


Reception service will be smooth

We can make the hospital reception work more efficient. Confirmation of last visit information and prescription issuance can be done simply by hand touch of a patient.


Use Case at Amusement Park

eNFC Technology for Entertainment


Communication by shaking hands

Even if your child got lost in an amusement park, with the staff gently holding hands with a lost visitor, you can retrieve the whereabouts information of your child.


It is possible to acquire the log of the usage of each attraction

Usage log is collected by simple touch. It can be used in various applications such as service utilizing user’s location information and new application development.


Convenient management of the admission tickets and automatic account settlements in the amusement park

Various functions such as entry tickets, annual pass, shopping within the park can be managed by using the visitor’s wrist band at once.

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