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Experience the magic with starter kit.

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Experience the magic with starter kit.

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Various prototypes utilizing the eNFC technology are being proposed and produced. Free, comfortable and smart life style is already here! A more stylish and fashionable eNFC devices will change the future. Please try our novel prototypes and experience a magical wonder.

Adapter, user-friendly and convenient

Excellent compatibility with wearable electronics is realized. If you attach an eNFC adapter to your smart watch, it quickly changes to a human body communication device.

Touch the knob and the door unlocks! How?

When you hold the door knob with the hand wearing the eNFC wristband, you instantly authenticate yourself and unlock it.

More fashionable designs are available

Let’s enjoy more fashion with the proposed wearable ID tags. In addition to a stylish original design, you have the freedom to choose from your favorite prints and images.

A single finger touch makes a global standard payment

Making the e-money transaction has never been easier – you just touch the screen with your finger by selecting the item shown on the touch panel display.

Doll? No, it's an antenna!

Various things around us may become the antennas. Depending on the idea, a whole new service will be introduced.

Smart band is produced

We have developed a colorful, lightweight and flexible smart band so that you can use eNFC technology with greater comfort!
This band with embedded flexible ID tag is 100% waterproof and ideal for swimming and spa use or the like.
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