We’re developing novel technology

to make the world more convenient and

to make human lives smarter

Achievements History

2018 Hello Tomorrow Japan Summit Finalist

2017 ISWC Conference demo presentation

2017 IEEE RFID-TA Conference presentation and exhibition

2017 NEDO Collaboration Startup Support Project awarded

2016 Tokyo Innovation Leaders Summit ILS Grand Prix Award

2016 IEEE RFID-TA Conference presentation

2016 Omron Koto Challenge Second Phase Special Award

2016 IEEE AP-S Symposium presentation

2015 NEDO R&D Venture Support Project granted


TAKAYA Corporation
Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.
otuA Inc.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name eNFC Inc.
Business Contents - R&D of novel HF/UHF wireless communication technology
- Licensing of HF/UHF wireless communication technology
- Manufacturing and sale of electronic devices
Address 3-2-16-805 Nishiazabu Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan
Capital 7.85 million yen
Established date September 10, 2015
CEO Takanori Washiro
Special Advisor Kentaro Odaka

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♦ 研究員、エンジニア:

• 仕事の内容:アンテナ技術の研究・開発、製品設計・評価
• 採用背景: 事業拡大、および新規事業立ち上げのため
• 年齢: 20~30代
• 年収: 700万円~(応相談)


♦ 事務スタッフ:

• 仕事の内容: 一般事務、経理、等
• 年収: 300万円~(応相談)

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