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to make the world more convenient and

to make human lives smarter

Achievements History

2017 ISWC Conference demo presentation

2017 IEEE RFID-TA Conference presentation and exhibition

2017 NEDO Collaboration Startup Support Project awarded

2016 Tokyo Innovation Leaders Summit ILS Grand Prix Award

2016 IEEE RFID-TA Conference presentation

2016 Omron Koto Challenge Second Phase Special Award

2016 IEEE AP-S Symposium presentation

2015 NEDO R&D Venture Support Project granted


TAKAYA Corporation
Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.
otuA Inc.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name eNFC Inc.
Business Contents - R&D of novel HF/UHF wireless communication technology
- Licensing of HF/UHF wireless communication technology
- Manufacturing and sale of electronic devices
Address 3-2-16-805 Nishiazabu Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan
Capital 3 million yen
Established date September 10, 2015
CEO Takanori Washiro
Director Kentaro Odaka

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♦ 研究員、エンジニア:

• 仕事の内容:アンテナ技術の研究・開発、製品設計・評価
• 採用背景: 事業拡大、および新規事業立ち上げのため
• 年齢: 20~30代
• 年収: 700万円~(応相談)


♦ 事務スタッフ:

• 仕事の内容: 一般事務、経理、等
• 年収: 300万円~(応相談)

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