Our Goal

Previously, utilizing the communication with a wearable device, it was required to place the communication devices close to each other.


We provide the technology that allows you to communicate intuitively just by touching with your hand while wearing a wearable device. Supplying the power through a human body, a battery-less wearable device can be charged and activated in the simplest way possible.

eNFC concept video
 Just touching the doorknob, authenticate the user to unlock the door

application_001By touching the doorknob, your ID is confirmed through your hand to unlock the door. Without any operation such as inserting and turning a key, or placing a card over the card reader, the authentication and access control are performed during the natural movement of holding the knob. In short, users can behave freely without being aware of the ID authentication.

 Log in by just touching the keyboard

application_002As your finger plays a role of the antenna, you will be able to log in automatically by just touching the keyboard. It is possible to manage the account without any need of consciously doing the operation of entering the password of placing an ID card over the card reader.

 Display contents favorable for individual user

application_003In another application, touching on the touch panel with a wristband holding your passport information, the data can be read through your finger. It is also possible to display in the mother language from the beginning without choosing it in the panel menu. Requiring no bothersome operation, it provides a “hospitality technology” which anticipates the display contents dedicated to the user.

 Human body can substitute for a train/concert ticket

application_004Wearing a device in which NFC chip is embedded, users can use e-money, ticket and point cards through their hands or fingers. Identifying not a ticket but an individual user, more natural and pleasant experience can be produced for all of us.